Luc Deleu - Orban Space

Luc Deleu, Wouter Davidts, Guy Châtel, Stefaan Vervoort (Eds.)

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As a visionary architect, orbanist (world architect), as an artist who uses an architectural set of instruments, as an original thinker about public space - in all these capacities Luc Deleu (Duffel, B, 1944) touches and inspires subjects and themes that have great contemporary relevance. to own.

Since Deleu in 1970, T.O.P. (Turn On Planning) office, he created the base for searching for another, often global urbanism (orbanism), one that would be critical, sociological and ecological. Among other things, he formulated ideas about public access, views on food production in urban agglomerations, a plea for the multiple use of the city and for individual organization of the living space ('Upcycling'), plans for the abolition of traffic regulations and zoos, the conversion of public spaces monuments to social housing, installing vegetable boxes instead of flower boxes, protecting weeds, etc.

Orban Space explores and analyzes Deleu's work through a topography of seven terms, each elaborated by a text and a visual essay. In addition, the book contains an "autobiography" by T.O.P. office, an interview about future perspectives by Hans De Wolf and Wouter Davidts with Isabelle De Smet and Steven Van den Bergh - employees since 1997 - and an extensive illustrated overview of "Works Exhibitions Writings"

432 p.
24 x 17 cm
Valiz, Amsterdam, 2012
Book — ISBN: 9789078088608