Kunsthal Extra City exhibits contemporary visual art in a welcoming and unique setting. As a middle-sized, Antwerp-based art organisation, we are firmly rooted in the artistic ecosystem and offer an inspiring hub where artists, art lovers and city residents can come together.

With an open gaze, intentional decision-making and attention for the artist, Kunsthal Extra City develops relevant and challenging exhibitions that serve to complement the activities of other arts organisations. We and our visitors seek to be surprised by contemporary artistic projects that position themselves explicitly within a societal, social or political context.

We care about the field of visual arts and about our visitors and seek to offer them a warm welcome. They are, after all, crucial actors in the sectoral and societal impact we seek to make. In this way we hope to create a safe environment, rich with diversity, imagination, new experiences and unique ideas.

At its new location in the former Dominican Monastery, Kunsthal Extra City seeks to become a bastion of the visual arts with a solid reputation both in Belgium and internationally. In synergy with our audience and partners, we seek to be a meaningful player in the artistic field, with an inclusive and committed artistic direction. We offer opportunities to young artists as well as a platform for established figures to experiment. Our visitors can think of us as a sustainable place in the city where relevant art projects can serve as a source of inspiration. In our search for meaning, we dare to make radical choices, guided by a deliberately open-minded – even slightly naive – attitude.