Opening 'Eating Each Other'

With performances by NO BULL and Amanda Piña

23.03.2018, 19:00 — 23:00 Opening

Curated by Michiel Vandevelde


19:00 Opening exhibition 'Eating Each Other'
19:30 - 20:30 NO BULL PREMIUM TAURINE: Initial Can Offering + Bookpresentation SOLAR SAFARI
20:30 - 21:30 Performance by Amanda Piña
21:30 - 00:00 Dj Jan Matthé



The Brussels based artist Pieterjan Ginckels will be presenting NO PEAKS, an installation developed in collaboration with NO BULL PREMIUM TAURINE.

"During the opening night NO BULL PREMIUM TAURINE taps into the vibe and will reveal its product at the ICO: Initial Can Offering! Be one of the first 10 buyers of the NO BULL Countach Sweater, and take the pilot position in LPJG5000ps4, PJG’s art car for NO BULL. Limited to 10 Pilots! Pre-order now: [email protected]

+ Bookpresentation SOLAR SAFARI (Art Paper Editions)

"In line with PJG’s previous works and performances, SOLAR SAFARI is all about cultural archaeology and technological critique. Target of the project is the privately owned and installed photovoltaic panel. PJG takes a field trip across Belgium, documenting the haphazard solar panel configurations on private rooftops, providing us with a quasi-exhaustive number of compositions trouvées."


Amanda Piña - 'The Jaguar and the Snake'

The solo ‘The Jaguar and the Snake’ is part of a performance which reappropriated Amerindian Iconography. It focuses on a body where animal, human and vegetal meet, fuse and transform.

Artistic Direction/Choreography: Amanda Piña //Performance: Linda Samaraweerová
Painting/Sculpture: Yoan Sorín //Music: Christian Müller // Costume: Lise Lendais // Production
Management: Angela Vadori

Location Kunsthal Extra City - Antwerpen-Berchem, Eikelstraat 25-31, 2600 Antwerpen

Eating Each Other 24.03.2018—01.07.2018