The Trembling Body

3-Day PhD Seminar

04.10.2021 — 06.10.2021 

Samengesteld door Paul Hendrikse

Georganiseerd door Sint Lucas Antwerpen Research Group (SLARG) en Kunsthal Extra City

De voertaal van dit seminarie is Engels.

The Trembling Body. 3-Day PhD Seminar hosted by Paul Hendrikse, investigating several aspects of performance and how it affects and may emancipate us. Each day focuses on a different aspect of performance and embodiment.

Day 1 - Remember, redo, restage. Memory and history are returning topics in many artistic practices today. During the first day of this seminar, we will explore the archive, living history and re-enactment in relation to performance. Invited guests: Maika Garnica and Ans Mertens (warm up) Jeremiah Day (presentation), Béatrice Balcou (performative lecture), Paul Maheke in conversation with Helena Kritis, Andros Zins-Browne (performative lecture) and Cecilia Lisa Eliceche with Jean Daniel Lafontant and Bayinah Bello (workshop).

Day 2 - Collectivity, collective learning. Sharing responsibilities, experiences and activities is common in theatre yet has recently made its way also into art performance. We will investigate authorship and different models of working and collaborating. Invited guests: Alexis Gautier (warm up), Yael Davids (presentation and workshop), Roos Gortzak (curator) in conversation with Mor Bashan member of The Noa Eshkol Chamber Dance Group, Kristof Van Gestel (performative intervention), Mylan Hoezen (workshop) Kim Gorus (cool down).

Day 3 - From activation to activism. Political activism was in the arts contested for a long time. The renewed attention for history and global movements like Black Lives Matter or the debate on colonialism set new grounds for artists and performers. We will look into the relationship of activism and the body. Invited guests: Petra Van Brabandt (warm up), Katarina Zdjeldar (presentation), Francesco Urbano Ragazzi (private visit to La Loge in Brussels with a guided tour to the current exhibition of Chiara Fumai).

You are encouraged to subscribe for the full three days but attending one or two days is possible too. Subscribe here.

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Locatie Kunsthal Extra City - Ploegstraat, Ploegstraat 25, 2018 Antwerpen