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The Big Show

Wim Peeters

€ 25.00

Following the three-part series THE BIG SHOW (N.I.C.C., April - November 2001), this publication continues the exhibition's outlines to approach to approach issues of exoticism, collective memory, globalization, utopia and alterity in a demanding way. The Big Show is inevitably part of a climate of post-colonial and global cultural interests, whithout identifying itself totally with them. Rather the series of exhibitions and this publication form a searching interrogation of the ways in which decolonization and globalization can be seen in the context of a wider debate surrounding cultural production and representation, without thereby having to lead to an iconoclasm of the center of image production. The Big Show chooses to approach globalization to a highly problematic post-colonial mentality. The second chapter, Healing, traces that trauma to a broader cultural present. Part three, Demonstration Room: Ideal House, is utopian

175 p.
Book — ISBN: 9789076884028