The Image Generator

In Sofia, Bulgaria

08.10.2022, 15:00 — 22:00 Opening

Organised by Platform 0090 and The Arteast Foundation

As partners of The Image Generator, we're delighted to announce that their fifth edition will take place on October 8, 2022, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Image Generator is a site-specific happening that explores the interplay between visual art, sound art and performance. The live encounter between these practices provides not only a rich breeding ground for new and pioneering art forms, it stimulates a more direct and reciprocal exchange between artists, environment and audience. And it is in the potential for this interaction that truly new images and perspectives are born, in which we can encounter each other and share our most fleeting intuitions in an ongoing dialogue.

This year's participating artists are Rebecca Baron, Christian Bakalov, Meryem Bayram, Jan Van Goethem, Tine Colen, Nele Tas, Wannes Deneer, Zhana Ivanova, Mala Kline, Asli Seven & Valentina Traianova, Vitto Valentinov, Myriam Van Imschoot & Marcus Bergner, Marc Vanrunxt & Peter Savel / Peter Savel & Sasha Krastarska, Stela Vasileva, YouYou Group and Yi Zhang.

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