Snowflake Blockbuster

Alise Anna Dzirniece & Jānis Dzirnieks

05.08.2022 — 28.08.2022 

Curated by Anna Laganovska, Bas Verwaetermeulen

Snowflake Blockbuster presents the work of Alise Anna Dzirniece and Jānis Dzirnieks. While this brother-and-sister duo has worked together on various projects before, the upcoming show in Extra City will be their first collaboration in the form of an exhibition.

Alise Anna Dzirniece (1996°), a Latvian fashion designer and artist based in Antwerp, is a recent master graduate of the Antwerp Fashion Academy.

In her work, Dzirniece enters the realms of fantasy, surrealism and childhood memories, playfully placing her fashion collections within the worlds fueled with imagination and daydreams. Her working process is mirrored in her painting practice, in which she creates dynamic characters and stories through brightly coloured illustrations.

Jānis Dzirnieks (1992°) lives and works between Rotterdam and Riga. He has studied visual communication at the Art Academy of Latvia and received a masters in fine arts at Piet Zwart Institute.

Dzirnieks’s art practice focuses on material and processual research. He works with pre-existing algorithms and post-industrial devices to create dynamic installations and wall pieces. Dzirnieks uses algorithms to distort images, turning them into digital drips, glitches, abstract shapes, or colour fields, among which some figurative elements stay grotesquely recognizable. Dzirnieks' visually deformed images and metaphors reflect the immersion between synthetic and organic environments, heavily technologized processes, planned obsolescence and exploitation of vulnerabilities of the human psyche. The work of Jānis Dzirnieks has been presented in solo and group exhibitions internationally at Kai Art Center, Tallinn (EE), MABOCA festival, Madona (LV), Robert Fruinstraat 56, Rotterdam (NL), 427, Riga (LV), Vitrine, The Hague (NL), Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (NL) and Kim? Contemporary Art Center, Riga (LV).

Location Kunsthal Extra City, Provinciestraat 112, 2018 Antwerpen

Bodies of Work 26.05.2022—28.08.2022