Shorts for world peace (summer edition)

Performance & short film evening with Take Over Collective

25.08.2023, 20:00 — 23:00 

Organised by Take Over Collective

On Friday 25 August, Take Over Collective will host a special summer edition of their short film series "Short for World Peace". Join us at 8 pm for an enjoyable evening of film with an exceptional selection of international short films.

Trentebisous opens the evening and sets the tone with her intimate performative utterance "the one moves, the other doesn't", in which she uses language as a choreographic tool. Both her written choreography and the short films explore sentiments of home and family in unique ways.

Cherries (Uogos) by Vytautas Katkus, Lithuania, 2022

A recently retired father invites his son to help him with the cherry picking in the garden. The father is in no hurry to finish the cherry job though, as he tries to catch up with his son. The cherries remain in the background.

The Bayview by Daniel Cook, Scotland, 2021

On the north-east coast of Scotland, an extraordinary family have turned the previously derelict Bayview hotel into a place of respite for international fishermen when they come to land. This film is a glimpse into this unlikely home and the transient guests who pass through it.

Sur la tombe de mon père / On my father’s grave, Jawahine Zental, Morocco, 2022

A car drives to a Moroccan village. On board, Maïne and her family surround her father's coffin. Tomorrow, the men will bury him and the women will wait at home. But the young girl takes a very dim view on it and intends to join her father to his final resting place.

Take Over is a young and fresh collective born when Antwerp academy students Sarah, Rafa, Cecile and Misha decided at school to start a collective. Take Over believes that art students deserve a space and platform outside the walls of their dusty institutions and therefore found no better option than to periodically take over an art institution and fill the spaces there. (Source: Het Bos)


↳ Friday 25 August from 20:00 to 21:30

↳ Performances and film screenings from 20:00 to 21:30

In the chapel of Kunsthal Extra City

↳ Bar is open continuously

↳ Reservation is not required, but be on time

↳ Free admission with your Kunsthal Extra City ticket, to be purchased at reception

↳ Language: English subtitles

Language English

Location Kunsthal Extra City - Chapel, Provinciestraat 112, 2018 Antwerpen

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