Please Patterns

A performative piano concert by Myriam El Haïk

29.10.2023, 15:00 — 16:00 Performance

On the occasion of the new group exhibition Carpetland. Critical Tapestries. Myriam El Haïk brings a performative piano performance during the opening weekend amid her installation PLEASE PATTERNS (2021 - 2022).

With PLEASE PATTERNS artist, composer and performer El Haïk interweaves a piano piece, drawings and paintings with her personal collection of Moroccan Amazigh rugs. All are interrelated and inspire each other through their rhythmic minimalist aesthetic. In all these elements the notion of time and repetition is central. Hand weaving is an endless activity where slight variations alter the outcome, a process El Haïk transfers to her music, drawings and paintings.

Closely linked to the basics of minimal music, the artist invites you to sit down and listen to time unfolding. This experience slowly reveals how the gesture of weaving is echoed in her drawings and paintings and the repeated signs or lines become silent scores. One and the same thread appears to be running from the ancestral tradition of weaving to the act of drawing and painting, to writing or composing contemporary music.

Come and listen to El Haïk's life performance on Friday 27 October at 9pm and on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October at 3pm.


Myriam El Haïk (FR/MA, 1973) is trained as musician and composer and a self-taught visual artist. She is active in Berlin, Paris and Rabat and has exhibited and performed internationally. The work Please Patterns was first shown during the 12th Berlin Biennale in 2022 at KW. She is represented by Galerie Dittmar and Galerie Vincenz Sala (Berlin).

Location Kunsthal Extra City, Provinciestraat 112, 2018 Antwerpen

Carpetland. Critical Tapestries. 28.10.2023—14.04.2024