Opening Symposium Cross-examination #1/Part 2

15.09.2012, 18:00 — 22:00 Lecture

Pierre Bal-Blanc

Corinne Diserens

Following opening remarks by the curators, the second session will continue with an introduction to the work of Spanish artist Isidoro Valcárcel Medina by Pierre Bal-Blanc, director of the CAC Brétigny and co-curator of the first iteration of Anarchism Without Adjectives. Although Valcárcel Medina work remains all but unknown outside the Spanish-speaking context, he counts as one of Spain’s most important post-war artists. Working over the past forty years in a wide range of media, including performance, architecture, sound and text, Valcárcel Medina has developed a conceptual practice critical of art institutions and the art market; as such, his work reveals affinities with D’Arcangelo’s own practice. Corinne Diserens, curator and former director of several major European art museums, will conclude by sharing her thoughts, developed over several years, on the characteristics and difficulties of working with and exhibiting archives in the context of contemporary art.

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Language English

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Location Extra City - Antwerpen-Noord, Tulpstraat 79, 2060 Antwerpen

Cross-examinations #1 14.09.2012—30.09.2012