Nicc Talk: fair practice

a talk with Céline Mathieu & Kunstenpunt

07.04.2023, 19:00 — 23:00 Discussion

Organised by NICC & Kunsthal Extra City

NICC & Kunsthal Extra City invite you to a NICC Talk on fair practice, Friday, 7 April.
This talk is a result from the focus group 'Living like an artist'.

During the event, Céline Mathieu will speak about her artistic practice in relation to fair practice. In her artist talk Parameters - which she will give in English - Céline will talk about her research 'Conditions for Raw Materials' in which she studies how to make exhibitions without storage space and an awareness of the life span of materials before and after the exhibition. CDFRM also strives for playful transparency around artists' financial conditions (fees, production budgets and so on) and the use of fiction as a tool to archive exhibitions. Life and work constantly intertwine, the artist living between cities from a few handbags and working on conceptual and sensory installations that include audio, scent, text, performance and various materials.

Subsequently Kunstenpunt will present the conversation tool around fair pay. 'What is fair?' raises awareness for fair collaboration within the visual arts, such as:

  • paying correctly,
  • providing a safe and inclusive working environment,
  • transparency about information and expectations,
  • giving each other opportunities to learn and grow, to work together in trust.

Working in the industry has long been shaped by power relations, exploitation and mutual competition. This was often justified with arguments like "artists work out of passion and not for money", "the invitation contributes to your visibility and reputation" and "other artists will accept our conditions". The shift towards fair collaboration is now being made.

'What is fair?' consists of 20 cases, described with a title and keywords. Each case involves other players and aspects of the visual arts such as research, creation, presentation, public engagement and sales. With this game, you become aware of what is fair or not by giving your opinion on a case, listening to others and talking about it with each other.

There are limited places for participation. So be sure to register via [email protected]!

Location Kunsthal Extra City, Provinciestraat 112, 2018 Antwerpen