Just like Arcadia - Bodies of Work

24.06.2022 — 10.07.2022 

Curated by Alexandra Tryanova

The exhibition “Just like Arcadia. If you face the South, Moscow will be far behind” proposes a reflection on identity construction and place apperception phenomenons. Departing from a notion of imaginary idyllic Arcadia, the exhibition invites into a psycho-emotional knowledge sharing on the experience of being in between different cultures and hierarchies in the Ukrainian south. The exhibition stands on subjective sensibilities towards the place and defends a definition of the place not only as a physical site but also as an imaginary form or a cultural phenomenon. Here the nostalgic experience of the place fuels identity transformation in grappling with the contradictions of inherited or imposed values.

Participating artists: Simon Fujiwara, Anna Jermolaeva, Nikolay Karabinovych, Yuri Leiderman, Voin de Voin & Hanayo

The exhibition opens with the ritualistic performance by Voin de Voin & Hanayo, drawing attention to the current ecological emergency at The Black sea. There, dolphins are massively dying because of the war actions and sonars, and their bodies are found on the coastline across Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Focusing on vibrations and sound frequency, performers explore the sound terror, how sound is exercised to control larger groups, and how it influences non-humans.

Bodies of Work 26.05.2022—28.08.2022