From knot to pixel to weft: unraveling new temporalities

A lecture performance by Hussein Shikha on making tapestries

21.10.2023, 16:00 — 17:00 Lecture

Organised by SLARG Research Week & Kunsthal Extra City

Hussein Shikha has lately been working on his first carpet piece. This work is part of a broader exhibition 'Carpetland. Critical tapestries' which will open at October 27 at Kunsthal Extra City.

Tapestries have been one of the most prestigious art forms throughout centuries. After a first brief revival in the seventies, not accidentally during second-wave feminism, this labour intensive form of textile art is again at the forefront of contemporary artistic practices. The tongue in cheek titled exhibition Carpetland is putting a focus on a multitude of contemporary positions.

In his lecture performance Shikha will lay bare the design choices behind the carpet piece he will be showing in the context of this exhibition. Why are certain elements combined? What do the drawings refer to? Apart from the themes and techniques involved, he will give an insight into the conflicts and challenges he experiences in the making process.


Hussein Shikha's practice betwixt design, art, and research engages with complex symbologies that reflect his heritage and family history he comes from generations of workers engaged in the traffic and logistics of carpet-making-through equally complex pixel drawing.

Hussein was born and raised in Iraq and moved to Antwerp in 2009 where he is currently based. He holds a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and an Advanced Master’s degree of Research in Art and Design from Sint Lucas Antwerpen. Hussein’s work was recently presented at BAK, Utrecht; Kiosk, Ghent; and Kunsthal Extra City, Antwerp. He concluded residencies at Frans Masereel Centrum, Z33 and MORPHO.

Language English

Location , Ploegstraat 25, 2018 Antwerpen

Carpetland. Critical Tapestries. 28.10.2023—14.04.2024