Fanzine Workshop Dan Perjovschi

10.09.2017, 10:00 — 14:30 Workshop

“What do you think of the world you live in?” This question permeates the fanzine project of the Romanian drawing artist Dan Perjovschi. He draws in order to understand the world around him, often with a lot of humour, in the form of “intellectual cartoons”. During this workshop you will have the opportunity to work together with Perjovschi to create one of his zines.

Max. 15 participants

Participants (18+ years of age) should preferably have no background in drawing

Participation costs 10 euro, which includes a basic lunch

Language English

Price € 10

Location Kunsthal Extra City - Antwerpen-Berchem, Eikelstraat 25-31, 2600 Antwerpen

Extra Citizen 09.09.2017—10.12.2017