Birthday celebrations

Dynamic DJ set with Brahim Tall

18.05.2024 — 19.05.2024 Music

Kunsthal Extra City is celebrating its 20th anniversary and we’re throwing a little dance party for the occasion. Come show your dance moves on Saturday 18 May from 22:30 to 01:00, on artist Brahim Tall's DJ set. Expect an eclectic mix of club genres with African rhythms, reflecting both diversity and connectedness.

In his artistic practice, Brahim Tall incorporates different modes of representation, (black) identity expression and politics. His main focus is on visual art, including photography, film and performance, but music is also part of his artistic practice. Continuing his research on identity expressions, he plays an eclectic mix of club genres rooted in rhythms originating from Africa and its diaspora. His aim is to combine these genres into an exciting mix of sounds.



↳ Saturday 18 May from 22:30 to 01:00
↳ Wear your dancing shoes
↳ In the monastery garden of MORPHO and Kunsthal Extra City


Brahim Tall is an artist with a Belgian-Dutch mother and a Senegalese father. This exposed him to a variety of cultures at a young age. In 2017, he began studying photography at LUCA School of Arts, where he explored questions of identity, blackness, and masculinity. In his graduation project 'Tukuleur' (2022), he examined his position as a person with a mixed identity. The nightlife, as an expression of identity, also holds a crucial place in his practice.

Location Kunsthal Extra City, Provinciestraat 112, 2018 Antwerpen

20 years Kunsthal Extra City 18.05.2024—19.05.2024