CANCELLED // Anne Kluytenaar & Michelle Woods: The Restore-rant

Sensehacking the home and healing games for the soul

22.08.2021, 12:00 — 18:00 Performance

Organised by Studio Start

Due to the bad weather forecast, 'The Restore-Rant' will unfortunately not take place on 22 August. Participants who had already registered will be informed about an alternative time on the 5th of September.

We read that the term restaurant derives from the French verb 'restaurer' ('to restore', 'to revive'). A restaurant, as defined in the 16th century, was considered to be a place where a 'fortifying food or remedy' that 'restores the strength' could be consumed.

Please let us welcome you to 'The Restore-rant' in the monastery garden of Extra City. We invite you to lie, sit, spit and breathe, bathe, listen, yawn and think, talk, look, touch, smell, taste, stretch, laugh, cry, dream… don’t worry.

Our garden will be transformed to accommodate you, your parents, your friends and your children.

Let our hosts feed you our alternative thera-pies.

Come not for one treatment, but for two, four, six or sixteen.

Sign up today.

Space is limited, choose your session and email [email protected] to make your reservation.

Session 1 22/08 12-15u
Session 2 22/08 16-19u
Session 3 29/08 12-15u
Session 4 29/08 16-19u

This is a free event. There will be food and drinks provided for the duration. Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen.

Click here for the book, Sensehacking – How to Use the Power of Your Senses for Happier, Healthier Living by Charles Spence

Location Kunsthal Extra City - monastery courtyard, via: Provinciestraat 112