Kunsthal Extra City is temporarily closed. Working from the former Dominican Monastery on the main site of AAIR we are currently in the process of realizing our new exhibition space. We will reopen our doors at this new location in spring 2021.

EXTRA INTERACTIE makes Kunsthal Extra City a place for experimentation, a place where young people can further develop and explore their sense of citizenship through contemporary visual art.

EXTRA INTERACTIE is aware and daring, raw yet nuanced. It stimulates and encourages dialogue. It awakens a sense of initiative and engagement and creates room for new approaches.

EXTRA INTERACTIE seeks to show that contemporary art can tell us something about life, ourselves and the world.

EXTRA INTERACTIE is a process. Since February 2019 we’ve been working together with experts, young people and artists as part of a exciting participatory project. We share knowhow, share experience and collectively develop innovative methods for getting to grips with art and citizenship.

As of September 2019, the EXTRA INTERACTIE core team will get going. During their meetings and a few public events, young people will debate with each other and the outside world. Hence, they make EXTRA INTERACTIE into a tool encouraging young people to have conversations about art, themselves and the world we share.

The EXTRA INTERACTIE core team consists of Afifa Benatmane, Soukaïna Bennani, Siham Doolaeghe, Rajae el Yaakoubi, Yousra Kaddouri, Salah Laarousi, Sofie Renap, Nona Sady, Adel Setta, Amber Setta, Achraf Taghelti, Sofie Todts and Khali-sha Wellens .

EXTRA INTERACTIE focuses on civic education within the context of art and culture. The project is a collaboration with BAZZZ and is supported by the Department of Education and Youth Policy of the City of Antwerp and the Flemish Community.

For schools
For students from the third grade and up, we offer interactive tours, with a special focus on the notion of citizenship. What does it mean to be a citizen today? Through art we will explore the different sides of citizenship in today's super-diverse cities. Please contact us for a custom-made offer.