Extra Citizen

09.09.2017 — 10.12.2017 Group exhibition

STRT Kit #3 - Brief Flashes Against A World

21.10.2017 — 12.11.2017 Group exhibition

Opening 'STRT Kit #3 - Brief Flashes Against A World'

Polien Boons, Kitty Kamp, Karen Moser, Amber Vanluffelen, Mathieu Verhaeghe

20.10.2017 Opening

Guided tour on Sunday

22.10.2017 Guided tour

Guided tour by curator Övül Ö. Durmusoglu

in the exhibition 'STRT Kit #3 - Brief Flashes Against A World'

22.10.2017 Guided tour

Discussion VI: 'An alternative global currency'

Launch of the local node for Faircoin

26.10.2017 Presentation

Workshop for children (5 till 12 years old)

Young Citizens Program

05.11.2017 Workshop

Discussion VII: 'Tools for hacking'

PAN PAN PAN: 'For the What?' - Claire Williams​

09.11.2017 Workshop

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