Extra Citizen

09.09.2017 — 10.12.2017 Group exhibition

STRT Kit #3 - Brief Flashes Against A World

21.10.2017 — 12.11.2017 Group exhibition

Guided tour on Sunday

24.09.2017 Guided tour

Discussion V: 'Democracy restaged'

Film ‘Agency’ by Adelita-Husni Bey, with conversation between Thomas Swerts and Michiel Vandevelde

28.09.2017 Film

Extra Academy #47: Jorge Bodanzky

Introduction by Vijai Patchineelam

12.10.2017 Lecture

Discussion VI: 'An alternative global currency'

Launch of the local node for Faircoin

26.10.2017 Presentation

Workshop for children (5 till 12 years old)

Young Citizens Program

05.10.2017 Workshop

Discussion VII: 'Tools for hacking'

PAN PAN PAN: 'For the What?' - Claire Williams​

09.11.2017 Workshop

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